About Yeoman’s Work Photography

Micheal - portrait

Michael W. George

Father, Photographer, Veteran

“Beauty descends from God into nature, but there it would perish and does except when a Man appreciates it with worship and thus as it were sends it back to God; so that through His conciousness what descended ascends again and the perfect circle is made.”
– C.S. Lewis in a letter to Arthur Greeves, August 28, 1930

Born in Wheeling, West Virginia, my family moved soonafter to Marysville, Ohio, where I spent the majority of my youth. Life in Central Ohio certainly did not offer much along the lines of tropical beaches or soaring mountains, but it helped me to develop an appreciation for simplicity and also represented a model of consistency and stability that has come to identify Marysville as a whole over the decades, a consistency I now try to capture in my photography in and around the area. 

I was first introduced to photography in 2004 by some close friends while I attended Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.  While I did not consider photography as a Major field of study or a job possibility, nevertheless a spark had still been lit.  I spent my savings on a cheap Canon PowerShot A70 and began taking photo after photo, hiking through the countryside up and down Palisade roads hugging the Kentucky River, climbing buildings and jumping from rooftop-to-rooftop in Downtown Lexington. I began to see the world differently and realized Yeoman’s Work Photography had begun in me long before I had ever even owned a camera.

Upon college graduation, my life took a turn for the somewhat-unexpected and I began service with the U.S. Navy, which took me around the world and even provided the opportunity to live in Japan for three years. I carried my camera with me all over, looking for ways to appreciate moments, capture so many different places in their very best light and reveal the beauty not just for myself but to share with others in my community, region, and even across the world.

Upon concluding my service in the Navy, my wife and I moved back from Japan to Marysville once again where we now live with our two wonderful children. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read a little about me and Yeoman’s Work Photography!